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In-Depth Confidential, Personal Investigations for Child Custody, Domestic Surveillance & Criminal Investigations

The Mon Valley Detective Bureau, LLC offers comprehensive personal investigations for all types of cases. Whether you're in the midst of a child custody case, domestic infidelity situation, personal injury case or criminal investigation, feel at ease knowing our detectives will go above and beyond to discover the truth and provide you with the evidence you need for peace of mind or to build your court case.

Domestic Surveillance & Investigation

Q. Is your spouse or partner Cheating or Unfaithful?
A. We can obtain divorce evidence and obtain the peace of mind you and your family deserves.

Q. Is your separated spouse receiving alimony payments from you and cohabitating with a girlfriend or boyfriend?
A. We can obtain evidence to lower or cancel alimony payments.

Q. Is on-line dating creating fear and mistrust? Are they who they say? Or do they work where they tell you?
A. Don’t be fooled, we will find out the truth for you!

  • We also offer male/female professional decoys to test your spouse or partners fidelity.
  • Mon Valley Detective Bureau travels nationwide.
  • We conduct lab analysis of clothing for bodily fluids.
  • After your case is complete we offer professional testimony in your court case. We can work with your attorney hand in hand to build your case.

10 Signs of a cheating spouse or partner !

  • Working overtime or coming home later than usual
  • Hiding the cell phone bill
  • Guarding the cell phone at all times
  • Excessive use of the Internet
  • Saying to their spouse or partner “I need my space”
  • No longer interested in sex with you
  • Receiving hang up calls at your home
  • Telling you: “it’s your imagination or you’re crazy”
  • Accusing you when they are the guilty ones
  • Losing weight and going to the gym.

Stop worrying, call us and obtain peace of mind!

Magnifying Glass

Child Custody

If you believe your child is being abused or is neglected, it's time to schedule a personal investigation. Allow our detectives to uncover evidence and gather information to remove your child from neglectful, unfit or abusive spouses. If your goal is to reduce or cancel your child support payments and obtain custody of your child call us today!

Locating Missing Persons & Runaways

Many people are reported missing every year and many go unreported. Trust us to locate missing/distraught children or loved ones, who have been out of touch for years. Let us attempt to bring home or locate your loved ones.

Pre-Screening & Surveillance of Personnel

Do you really know if your nanny, babysitter, caretaker, or cleaning personnel are honest or non-abusive? Use our pre-screening and surveillance services to uncover the truth or stop problem staff before they enter your home.


Screening tenants is a must before they move into an apartment, office building, or establishment; however, many business owners neglect proper tenant screenings. Don't make the mistake of letting a problem tenant move in. Instead, call us for our thorough screenings to find the ideal occupant.

Screenings are also available for job applicants, driving records, criminal, credit histories and employees so that your business can avoid potential liabilities down the road.

Criminal Investigations

Have you been arrested, incarcerated or falsely accused of a crime call us immediately so that we can conduct an independent investigation, gather witnesses and photograph the crime scene to build your false arrest case and dismiss your charges.

Injury & Accident Investigations

Protect your insurance liability claim! Our detectives can obtain scene photographs, witness statements, and independent lab analyses, as well as re-construct accidents to help you win your personal injury claim.

Evidence is a must in all of the above investigations including criminal cases where you may have been falsely accused. Without the "proper evidence" you take the chance of paying out thousands of dollars in alimony and child support, or you may live for years in a relationship without getting the peace of mind you deserve.


"My wife lived a double life for a couple of years. I was always feeling like everything was by fault and I was always being blamed by my wife. I became suspicious at times and began checking her car and her clothes for clues of infidelity. I was never able to pin down what she was doing because of my work schedule, that is until I called the office of the Mon Valley Detective Bureau and hired them to surveil her. Within 2 days, they found that she was having not one but two different affairs with different men. Now I am divorced and remarried; special thanks to Mon Valley Detective Bureau!"
Mike from Mon Valley
"I was happily married until my husband and I became separated and he became involved in drug activity. I couldn't stand to see my two children ages 8 and 10 going to stay at his apartment because of his drug use and on top of that leaving the kids at times when he was supposed to be visiting them. The Mon Valley Detective Bureau was recommended to me, and they obtained the results that I was looking for. I obtained full custody of my two children because of their good detective work."
Rosann from Mon Valley
"I was paying my ex 7000.00 a month in alimony. I hired this detective and with his hard work and dedication to the case it was taken in front of a judge and was reduced to 900.00 a month. Great Work"
"This detective saved me $3,800 per month alimony spousal support. Communication and reports were great. Would use again and highly recommend!"
Mark Adams
"Working with this detective was GREAT he used special equipment to gather the information I needed to prove infidelity and that my husband wasn't truthful. Thanks for everything. Well worth the money!"
"I had the chance to use the mon valley detective bureau for my divorce recently. I am very pleased with the case and how it was handled. The results that were found assisted me in obtaining custody of my daughter and relieved me of paying alimony to my spouse since she was living with another person. The detective provided pictures that were worth a thousand words! The main thing was I got my daughter from a dysfunctional living environment. Hats off to the mon valley detective bureau!"
"Looked for a PI for my friend who was going through a rough time. We met with the detective who was really knowledgeable on divorce and alimony. We hired him to get some dirt on my friend's wife and bingo, the PI presented us with what my friend needed to get him over the divorce easier and he was able to not feel guilty about the investigation. Excellent work!"